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In loving memory...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Christina Hernandez

Recently, we here at Only The Beat received the shocking and somber news that we had lost one of our very own. Lita Stone - where to even begin? She was someone I was honored to call a friend, and her blunt-yet-friendly, gentle, and accepting nature made her the kind of person everyone wanted keep around in their lives. I'm sure anyone who has had the chance to meet her could agree that she made you feel like you've known her for ages! Moreover, Lita was incredibly brave. She dealt with a lot in her life, yet did so with a smile on her face and even put others before herself.   [caption id="attachment_31581" align="aligncenter" width="345"]Lita Stone The OG crew - Freshman year[/caption]   Lita was also an insanely gifted writer. Her story on how she got into the electronic music scene was so raw, and we were grateful to have her on the team as a writer.
"Lita was an incredible writer and one of our best editorialists. She not only had an incredible gift and talent for the written word, but chose subjects that she was personally passionate about. She had a bright soul and myself and the rest of our OTB family will miss her."

- Dominique, Managing Editor

So this song goes out to you, girl, because you'll never fade away. We miss you Lita!

Lita Stone
Lita Stone