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Is Daft Punk Getting Ready For A Massive Tour?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Matthew Jager

  tumblr_n82hv632nx1tfher4o1_500 WHAT?! DAFT PUNK TOUR?! WHERE?!?! WHEN!!!  Usually these rumors are all blown out of proportion, but this time do we have something concrete? Do we have extremely probable cause to think “yeah, that makes sense?” Yes. Let’s take a trip down memory road. The year is 1997 and Daft Punk is just so hot right now. They have 2 albums under their belt and decide to release a “live” album title, “Alive 1997.” Moving on. The year is now 2007. Daft Punk has released 4 albums, 2 since Alive 1997, and the duo embarks on one of the most talked about tours in electronic music history, Alive 2007. This is their last major tour to this date. Now the year is 2015. Daft Punk has released 1 album since Alive 2007. Rumors begin surfacing of a new album in the works, theorized to debut on Tidal, which they are partial owners of. Fast forward to 2017. Hypothetically, Daft Punk releases said “new album” and embarks on Alive 2017 after releasing 2 albums since Alive 2007. tumblr_n2u9laQIJC1s3ot0fo1_500 So, logically what we have here is an almost perfect set up for a major 2017 festival “Alive” tour. Considering how Daft Punk is so secretive and rarely pokes their heads out of hiding unless new music or some new endeavor comes along, all of their recent media attention points toward something new. When RAM was first announced, everyone hoped and dreamed for a tour from Daft Punk. Sadly this was not so, with the duo really only popping up for events such as The Grammys and Tidal’s launch. I figured from the start that before Daft would tour, they would need a second new album under their belts. Now that that appears to be in the works, a big (I suspect final) tour is probably being planned. Looking at how close we are to 2017, and how much Daft Punk loves to do things in incredibly planned out capacities, a 2017 Alive tour is not only possible, but probable. While there are no confirmed details yet, and only unconfirmed reports of a new studio album in the works, this is exactly Daft Punk's style. I would expect an album reveal toward the end of this year or early next year, followed by the even bigger announcement of an Alive 2017 global tour. tumblr_n27rq9KBi21s3ot0fo3_r1_500