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5 Reasons to Try a Different Kind of Music Festival

For many of us self proclaimed ravers, festival season means a reason to spend tons of money and travel and see all of our favorite DJs packed into a three day show. For some, going to the same festival every year may be a tradition, others just try to get as many tickets to the most well known festies to say that they have hit all the big ones. Once you've seen every DJ you follow on Soundcloud perform live, twice, you start to crave something new. This season, I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and buy a ticket to a festival where you only recognize half of the lineup. I've never been to a concert without a light show or a DJ mixing beats until a few days ago when I went to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DEL. Here are 5 reasons why you should go to a music festival that's outside of your comfort zone.

1. You'll Get to See Musical Legends

paul-mccartney While I respect and love the sounds of artists like Paul McCartney, The Killers and Snoop Dogg, I can't say that I would spend a lot of money to go to one of their concerts because personally, I'm not a huge fan. Firefly allowed me to see these amazing performers as well as enjoy some of my favorite DJs and other innovative artists.

2. You'll Accidentally Stumble Upon Dope New Artists

11417389_986910494677156_1315247004_n Because I was only familiar with a handful of artists on the lineup, I had a lot of time slots to fill my day with sets. Most festivals have a stage for each kind of music. Because I mainly listen to electronic music, hanging around the stage that had an electronic vibe allowed me to hear amazing new music. I developed a love for Sweater Beats and Snakehips and got to see artists like Alison Wonderland, Kygo and Odesza.

3. Hit up a Camping Festival and Make Lifelong Friends

10390009_1593963474187098_432302687606848963_n-1 Aside from a select few EDM festivals, most do not provide a camping option. Camping out at a festival is a fun alternative to staying at a hotel or friends house during your travels. Something about sleeping in a tent and living out of your car with your friends completely enriches your experience. Not only will you bond with your friends and create unbreakable memories, but you will share a campsite with amazing people from all walks of life and make special friendships that you'll always remember.

4. To Share Rave Culture with Non-ravers

tumblr_mswdd4CAQV1rw050to1_1280 Bring out your kandi! Nothing is more fun than having someone ask you what they mean. Trading kandi with someone whose never traded before is exciting for both parties. Odds are that person will always keep that bracelet, linking it with the other fond memories they made during the few days of the festival. Who knows, you may even have inspired them to make some of their own and learn more about rave culture.

5. You can Take a Break from the Fast Paced World of Raving

IMG_6059 Commonly, vibes are constantly upbeat and energetic at an EDM festival. From the minute you enter the gates to the minute you leave you'll be on your feet raging and sweating in the midst of the crowd. Moving from set to set, you never want to miss a moment. I found the energy to be very different at firefly. While there were upbeat and wild moments, there was also a lot of down time. Crowds of festival goers sitting on blankets to listen to sets was commonplace. There was even a hammock hangout where people could be found taking a nap. Taking a break from non-stop bass is a refreshing change of pace. Just sit down close your eyes and take it all in. Although Firefly wasn't the festival experience I was accustomed to, I never felt out of place. No matter what festival you go to one thing is for sure, you'll be surrounded by thousands of people who all strive to have good vibes and a good time.