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Why Jerry Folk’s Balance Of Modern and Vintage Sounds Works So Well

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Everybody is always looking for the next sound that people are going to love in the coming months. Every artist wants to break through by being a first mover. Many artists spend hours upon hours searching through samples, packs, synths, instruments, and such to hopefully develop something listeners find not only novel, but refreshing. Yet sometimes, the key to success is in front of them this whole time, and that spark of ingenuity is where Jerry Folk found his upper hand. Jerry Folk’s style has many names: nu-disco, indie-deep, deep-disco, indie-disco, indie house, etc. However, what it has in common across all of his remix treatments and sole original production is a balanced mix of modern and vintage sounds. In his remix of Atlas Bound’s “Tell Me,” you can hear the vinyl cracking right after hitting play. Headed by an old school groove and modern synth melodies, the remix is hard not to love. But, why have his remixes done so well if he uses old school sounds and people always want something new? It's what he does with the retro sounds and uses them in ways that have never done before. A perfect example of why people love old and new blends is his remix of Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga.” When Baby Bash swoops in with his echoing lyrics that cry “fly,” listeners immediately notice it’s a song they recognize. It's shoved so far back in their memory with the amount of music pumped out each year, but it feels familiar and comforting. Accompanied by a nu-disco bass guitar and percussion ensemble, it puts a newfangled spin on the original form people already love. A blending of retro favorites and the deep house fad, Jerry Folk creates the perfect combination with every production he puts his hand too. On the brink of gaining the attention of the radio-listening crowd, his vibe is irresistibly catchy but also chic and cool. It works, and it’s clear he is a talent to watch because of his unique approach to producing. You can check all of Jerry Folk's remixes and originals here for more new school meets old school mastery.