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Dillon Francis' Mixtape Misses the Mark

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Dakota Orlando

For an EP titled This Mixtape is Fire, I would have to say that Dillon Francis may have left fans over-hyped in anticipation. It is fair to say that everyones opinion of the term "fire" may be different. But what comes to my mind is a sound that makes you want to press repeat but you can't, because you twerked so hard that your phone fell down the stairs. As I played song after song, I was waiting for a track to give me some energy, but each one was predictable and offered nothing new. Francis' collaborations with Calvin Harris and Kygo seemed like unusual pairings, leaving me with high expectations. I must say that I was left disappointed. Dillon Francis and Calvin Harris, What's Your Name, literally has the exact same vocal hook as Set Me Free by Dillon Francis and Martin Garrix. The only difference is the words used, instead of set me free, the voice says "what's your name." People say they don't like EDM because every song sounds the same. Come on Dillon, don't let the haters prove their point! While the drop isn't the same as Set Me Free, it is pretty similar to Bruk Bruk, another track on the mixtape. Essentially this song will give you deja vú. While cohesion is nice in a collection of songs, a listener will always look for a fresh take which Dillon Francis failed to provide this time around. The only song on the mixtape that genuinely caught my attention is Bun Up The Dance, a collaboration with Skrillex. This song has a heavy Moombahton. With Jamaican influenced vocals and a title like Bun Up The Dance, It is no surprise that Dillon Francis had something to do with this production. Once the drop hits, you can definitely feel the Skrillex undertones. What makes it a likable track is the fact that you can feel both artists styles at the same time, yet you are also given something new and exciting. With heavy bass and a catchy beat, two talents came together and created what I consider "fire". In my opinion, what Francis' mixtape lacks is that memorable aspect. Everyone loves I.D.G.A.F.O.S because it truly sounds like nothing else. I think he needs to bring that back in order to see a serious positive response from fans. I hope that Francis will deliver some wild new tunes in the future, that will make us fall in love with him all over again.