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This Hot and Sweet Gummy Remix Brings You Back to 2007

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Josh Habursky

Wyclef Jean Ft. Lil Wayne - Sweetest Girl (Gummy Remix)

Up and coming producer Gummy has come out with a new remix release of Wyclef Jean's 'Sweetest¬†Girl', and oh how sweet it is! Following his last remix of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, Gummy decided to add a little more hip hop flavor into his release. His take on Wycleff Jean's classic anthem reimagines it as an uplifting summer anthem while keeping the song you know and love intact. Soaring chords and a whimsical melody give this remix an island vibe, perfect for a beach sessions or drive with your windows down! Gummy also just did a Too Future Guest Mix last week, which will give you a full flavor for his musical talents. However, after fully researching Gummy for this post, I have to say that my personal favorite was a trap remix that he did a few years ago of The Isley Brothers- Shout. If only this version of the song could have been used in one of my favorite movies Animal House. toga-dance-shout   Check out more on Gummy-