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Repost Network Brings SoundCloud Monetization To The Masses

Monday, November 16, 2015

Have you ever been on SoundCloud and seen artwork on top of a track or a featured profile drop down menu? Perhaps an audio advertisement pop up in the corner?  All of this functionality falls under SoundCloud’s “On SoundCloud” premier partner program that was launched late last year to help artists earn revenue and have access to some exciting new tools. So how can you get access? Enter the Repost Network Repost Network ( has been getting a lot of attention in recent months for its plan to bring these aforementioned tools to a larger range of artists on SoundCloud. The platform thus far has been an amazing tool for artists to grow and share their art with the world and Repost Network wants to help expand that even more. Repost Network has a custom dashboard that allows creators to take complete control of their SoundCloud accounts. Through this product, creators can monetize their music, upload track art, edit their banner click-throughs and featured profiles, as well as access an ever-increasing suite of marketing tools. Once revenue starts generating, Repost transparently provides artists and their managers with full access to their monthly SoundCloud earning reports. Repost artists see results fast, and are ultimately able to spend more time doing what really matters: making music. Repost has even recently added the ability to distribute your music to major stores like Spotify and Apple Music. RepostDash There are more and more options for artists to make a living through their audiences online but Repost Network stands to be a much needed services for musicians and podcasters by focusing on a strong customer service and cutting edge tools. You can find out more and apply to join at