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Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan Release 'Kangaroo'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That moment we've waited far too long for. Since initially dropping this monster tune at Armin's ASOT 550 Tent at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this March, Sander Van Doorn has been hyping this track up without a doubt in his mind as to its potential. Released today, "Kangaroo," is a collab with 16 year old up-and-comer, Julian Jordan, who Doorn took on as his protegee this past year. They released an official live preview together in front of a home-crowd of fellow Dutchmen at the Emporium festival this May. Via Spinnin' Records Prior to this writeup, I took an hour to bike around New York City, specifically over the Brooklyn Bridge, to re-examine Sander's incredible set from this year's UMF. Let me tell you, there are few things that please me more than being serenaded by the crashing buildups and drops of Doorn's eclectic mix of Trance, Progressive House, and Electro as I whiz past clueless tourists in the wrong lane going down the bridge. What I love most about hearing his UMF set is the initial reaction of the crowd to the melodic introduction.  Immediately following this little riff is a underlying electro buildup, which draws in small snippets of what to expect in the next fifteen seconds. The climactic surge of the electro drop is ineffable. I truly hope this track makes it into a few of Armin's sets...It's easy to picture Armin in his element jamming away like a Kangaroo behind the decks. This track furnishes just another reason why I and many others are voting for Sander Van Doorn for this year's top DJ. He certainly deserves it after all he has accomplished, and his smooth integration of different sounds into his sets has put him on the map towards leadership of the EDM world. Sander For The Win!