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Christina Walls - Carry Me To Paradise (BURGUNDY'S REMIX)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

Christina Walls is almost a complete unknown in the EDM industry. And honestly, I doubt she even knows she's in it! But that doesn't take away from the compelling story of who she is and how she landed up on this track. A former Miss Universe and Miss World contestant, Christina had her world rocked when she found out she had lung cancer and traveled as far as brazil to visit with healers and renown cancer specialists. A B.C., Canada native, Christina Walls original track Carry Me To Paradise has been released on Cat Recordings and is a...uh, track? Kinda poppy and manufactured....but Burgundy reached out to us and sent this awesome progressive/electro remix they did and it goes hard. Christina Walls definitely has the looks to match her voice and with some proper guidance from someone high up in the scene, I think Christina could wind up on some major tracks.

What do you think about her voice? Let me know in the comments section below!

Read more about Christina Wall's Story on here website HERE

Connect on Facebook (She only has 234 likes!) HERE

But also, let's not forget about the guys that put this track together. Burgundy'S is a group of 3 french producers Antoine, Andee, and Geff. I would tell you more about them but their bio on facebook is in French, and their bio on Soundcloud says coming soon! Well guys, we look forward to more news, tracks, and info about Burgundy'S!