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Mat Zo & Porter Robinson-Easy

Monday, December 03, 2012

Fresh off Dance Music’s Biggest label, Ministry of Sound, "Easy" features the combined talents of two of the biggest young up and comers in the game, trance prodigy Mat Zo (-han) of the UK and the pride of North Carolina Porter Robinson. Easy is yet another example of the extent of how much EDM’s genres have blurred…In the track one can easily pick up hints of progressive house, trance, and electro, not to mention a little dubstep and drum and bass. Initially kicking off at a slightly slower pace than traditional progressive trance, more in line with Robinson’s pace, the edgy acoustics of Mat Zo’s sound can be heard clearly heard in the opening riff. Porter adds small hints of the dirty electro that brought him to super stardom. Immediately ensuing, a grouping of punchy and sassy vocals take control, leading to the echoing piano melody, indicating the chorus. After a short buildup resampling the vocals, a pounding bass brings in the drop (one can just imagine the young Canadian jumping up and down in his signature style, pummeling the floor with a swanky pair of dress shoes). Small resampling of the vocals in a Daft Punk-style electro buildup leads you all the way to the final drop, which brings out a fit of ecstasy as the pounding synthesizers and bass form together to lead you into a state of trance until they trail off to complete the journey the two young producers have just taken us on.