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AndDrop!-'Boogaloo' EP

Monday, January 14, 2013

The AndDrop! boys are fresh out of the studio with a banging new EP, featuring three thundering electro-heavy original mixes that will hold everyone through their week of post-New Years revelry blues and keep things interesting until the weekend. The EP, "Boogaloo," is their first official release since they signed with Techibeats Records earlier in late 2012, and the trio's first big "coming out" suaré, with a full release on Beatport. After an entire week, it still sits above Zedd's 'Clarity' at #1 on the Beatport Top 100 Releases Chart. The first track, "Miles's Song," features a smooth blend of progressive, electro, and a healthy dose of their signature funky  spin on Dirty Dutch. Listen to the 2nd part of the drops to get a better sense. What I like about this track is it doesn't try to do too much on its kicks, but each drop actually maintains a level of sophistication you might not expect. After the initial intro, the progressive melody comes at you quite quickly. Don't be fooled, this opening line is almost a "false peak" for what's coming ahead. The kick comes up after a transitional buildup, featuring a comprehensive blend of some very funky Dutch house mixed with the perfect amount of Electro. The break slowly and methodically peters out, only to be brought back to life in an even more hyped up yet abbreviated version of the first part. Press Play. The second piece on the EP, "Refuge," seems to be a very precise mix of synthy Progressive House and the signature AndDrop! Electro sound. Eery bits of Dirty Dutch punch through the heavy bass notes, giving an aggressive edge to the EP. The fast-paced loops speed over each other, dying out and separating right at the end. "Boogaloo," the signature track of the three artists' EP release, is so well put together I find myself without words to describe it. Let me say this, don't try to fall asleep listening to it, you'll find your head and feet bobbing along to the energy the trio bring to the table within seconds. "Boogaloo" represents years of hard work and the combining and experimenting with dozens of different sounds that can be heard throughout the track. We're very happy to support talent like AndDrop!'s, a feat like this does not come around without an incredible amount of talent and creativity, and each member of the group clearly possesses both. Congratulations to AndDrop! on their first major release, "Boogaloo" is an absolute  hit! Take a listen to another fantastic track of theirs, remixing Cosmic Gate's "The Theme" as well as more info on the three producers HERE Stay tuned for our official sit down with the producers next month, and in the meantime be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter @AndDrop BOOGALOO!