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culineR Release's 'Into Vapor' EP on Synth City Records

Monday, March 18, 2013
Daniel Taibleson


Synth City is proud to introduce this fresh new EP brought to you by your soon to be favorite; culineR. Hailing from Downtown LA and Miami prior to that. Devon Culiner, a prodigy at age 26, has created an electronic masterpiece for the world to enjoy. Only through collaborating with Sisely Treasure (the former vocalist for Shiny Toy Guns) and FUTR3 was culineR able to precisely capture the sound he envisioned. His sound has been described as mainstream yet eccentric, moody, hard and typically upbeat with a hint of underground. It's like describing a fine wine, Blackberry and chocolate don't exist in the ingredients yet that's how a sommelier would describe a wine's flavor. Despite more than a decade of writing and producing, Into Vapor is culineR's first solo effort. "I've been producing for my bands for close to 10 years, for other artists 2 years, and now religiously for myself, a little over a year. The experience I believe is there, as far as producing and writing goes, I just never sat down and said okay, it's my turn..." With his unique sound, what he describes "Mainstream with a hint of underground or Eccentric, moody, hard and typically upbeat", and polished production quality, culineR's presence is definitely long overdue.

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