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Porter Robinson - Ultra Music Festival Set

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Erin Flemming


For all those heading to Ultra this upcoming week, or maybe looking for some motivation to get through your Ultra-less week, here's a little something to help. Porter Robinson posted his full set from Ultra weekend 1-- and it's great. It has a little something for everyone in there, from crowd favorites like "Easy," and "Language," to much heavier, ultra danceable tracks. You can tell Porter had fun with this mix, and he even said so on his SoundCloud-- "i decided to upload my set from that show. playing there was seriously one of my favorite things ever." The best news? It's up for a free download. Robinson is hoping that this streaming version is the most widely circulated out there. He said some of the setrips he'd seen online were incomplete and low-quality, so he decided to cut together a few different versions of the set to produce a higher quality recording.

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