Deadmau5 – Ultra Livestream


Fans who attended Ultra Music Festival last weekend or tuned in via YouTube might have caught Deadmau5’s memorable set (including Zedd running around the stage wearing a barely-there pink getup).


But, if you’re not going to Ultra the second time around and are still looking to put a bit more mau5 in your weekend, don’t worry. ┬áDeadmau5 will be livestreamed at Ultra Music Festival again this weekend. Fans can tune in through UMF TV or directly through Deadmau5’s YouTube channel here.

If you’re planning to tune in this Saturday, March 23, his set will begin at 10:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Who knows– maybe Zedd will make another special appearance?

To connect with Deadmau5, check out his:





Erin Flemming
Erin Flemming is a graduate of the University of Washington and a current resident of San Diego. She loves music of all types, but has a particular weakness for anything on Dirtybird records and Drum & Bass. Erin's favorite concert experiences include seeing Above & Beyond in an intimate setting at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle and experiencing the massive Q-Dance stage in the pouring rain at Mysteryland in the Netherlands.
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