Satellite | Deadmau5 & Kat Von D


While the relationship’s beginning came as a surprise to many, Joel Zimmerman and Kat Von D have proven that they are so much more than a power couple- they truly do complement each other.  The dark yet beautiful energy of their relationship is channeled into their first track together-‘Satellite’, which features the haunting vocals of Kat herself.  Though still in the beginning stages, Joel’s excitement is evident as he was quick to post the ‘rough draft’ of this track on his Soundcloud.  With an ambient beginning twisting synth, piano and Kat’s vocals into one, it breaks off into the classic Deadmau5 sound that we know and love.  If work like this is what the mysterious couple has been working on, I for one can’t wait to see what is to come.


Kat Von D


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