Despite Split, Deadmau5 Pumps Out More Tunes as Promised


Yeah yeah, Kat Von D and Deadmau5 broke up, we know, but who really cares?  Obviously some good has come from it because between the roller-coaster of a week this has been for him and his now ex-finace, and his other split with powerhouse record label Ultra, he has managed to put out two new tracks.  This is a great sign for both old and new Deadmau5 fans because we are on the verge from a whole lot of music coming from the mau5 very soon.  His first track, “Suckfest9001” is my personal favorite of the two primarily because it reminds me of the older mau5 sound which you can easily hear in the hard synths and in the drop.  The next is “You There?”, and it is a lot more simple, yet confusing in the best way.  It’s got pretty hard dutch-like synths with some pretty well placed isolated vocals, with the drop and second build up in classic Deadmau5 style.


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