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Tristan Garner "Molotov"! (Audio)

Friday, July 12, 2013
Kari Sandkuhl


To start off your weekend in the right way, I give you "Molotov" by Tristan Garner.  This track starts out strong right out of the gates, with hard, steady beats, hard bass...nothing soft about it.  As the progression builds, and right before the drop...well, just listen to it.  It's sure to put you in a "let's go rage" type of mood, which might b the perfect start to this holiday week! Tristan Garner, a French DJ/Producer, shows off his rock/ metal side once again with "Molotov", which is to be released on XtraLife Records.  I think what I like most about Garner is his "I don't give a f*ck" attitude...he plays what he wants to play and does what he wants to do regardless of what is necessarily "popular" at the moment.  It's quite clear through his original track "Molotov" that Garner is here to party ( and party HARD), so bust out those dance moves and celebrate the night away!

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