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Mysto & Pizzi Marquee NYC Review

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
Sam Storch

mysto & pizzi 2 On Saturday, August 3rd, I got to see Mysto and Pizzi play one of those amazing sets at Marquee NYC. When I first arrived at Marquee, the first two things I noticed were that it was packed and they had a Funktion One speaker system. Anyone who knows Funktion One can tell you that these are one of the most bumping, powerful speaker companies in the world and it was nice to see a nightclub in NY really invest in their patrons’ fun. Furthermore, what I would come to realize very quickly is that Mysto and Pizzi would utilize those speakers to the very fullest and provide everyone in attendance a great night.

mysto & pizzi

As Mysto and Pizzi’s set began, they opened with a variety of Electro house bangers coupled with some very popular mashups and bootlegs, including a very sick mashup of 'I Need Your Love' that quickly had the entire crowd engaged. As they continued with their set, Mysto and Pizzi began to migrate from the electro house selection that they began with, to progressive house anthems that the crowd knew and loved. It was at this time that the crowd started singing along and one could really feel the energy in the room. After playing a few more progressive anthems and some electro bangers, including their hit remix of Daft Punk’s 'Get Lucky', Mysto and Pizzi did something that many DJ’s either can’t do or won’t do; they transitioned into trap music and Marquee loved it. The calculated risk that Mysto and Pizzi took to change up their styles in the set really paid off. For me, the most enjoyable part of the trap portion of the set was when they dropped their new collaboration that is coming out with Just Blaze!, which is bound to be a song to look out for. To close their set, Mysto and Pizzi played their remix of Lana Del Ray's sound 'Young and Beautiful' as well as a few other songs that were perfect for the end of the night. As the two DJ/producers walked off stage, you could see the joy and excitement that they had after playing their set. Their stage presence and demeanor during and after the set just showed everyone there that these two guys are all about having fun, having a good time, and putting on the best show for their audience, which seems to be several of those lost traits that Dj’s used to have in the EDM world. I highly recommend that you try to see these two DJ’s spin, because Mysto and Pizzi took everyone on a journey at Marquee on August 3rd, and the people there were treated to a very special show. mysto & pizzi 3  

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