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Dillon Francis And Kill The Noise "Meowski666" - Meow Machine

Friday, August 09, 2013
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

This latest collaboration between moombathon funny man, Dillon Francis and drum and bass and dubstep DJ Kill the Noise produces an upbeat, but quirky tempo, mixing in fast paced beats with actual animal noises and is the start of something really good.


This is the first new single by the duo on a project called, "Meowski666" which is a recent endeavor from the artists after the success of their first single together which was dubbed the obvious name of, "Dill the Noise". The track is a mix of what's titled as "house" but mixes in a bunch of different genres sounds and even a shout out from the Baha Men's one hit wonder, "Who Let the Dogs Out". The track was dropped last week as a teaser for their upcoming tracks soon to be released and are highly anticipated by the dynamic duo.