Don Diablo Amazes Us Once Again with ‘Black Mask’

Don Diablo has helped me out a lot in the past year or so; he’s been my soundtrack to get through a tough project at work or a long road trip, and his “Anarchy Anthems” podcasts were the perfect sound combination for me to kill it and get a personal best during my last half marathon. With a name like “Diablo” you know that any of this Dutch legend’s tracks are going to be epic.

Needless to say, it was 8 am when I heard this and I sure as hell was awake after listening to this hard-hitting electro track. Diablo takes a unique approach to this release, with a buildup that has a bit of a Chemical Brothers-esque sound and synths that bring you right back to some old school acid house. It’s a big tune that I’m sure we’ll be hearing on the festival circuit this summer.

Don Diablo has been around for a few years now (his most noted single, ‘Animale’ was released in 2010), but each new release continues to blow my mind. Talk about getting better with age, and let me be candid, he’s pretty easy on the eyes. 😉 What do you think about ‘Black Mask’?



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- 6 months ago
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