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Modern Machines take on "Higher" by Just Blaze & Baauer and produce a Massive Remix

Monday, March 03, 2014
Sam Storch

Consistently, we see many electro/progressive bangers remixed and remade into Turnt Up trap banger, but we only rarely see a Rap/Trap track remixed and turned into an electro/progressive banger. At face value, it just seems that it would be more of a challenge to take a rap/trap beat and make it into one of the bangers that we know and love. Therefore, it stands to reason that many DJ’s/Producers don’t attempt to do it. However, for those who do take on this challenge, we the fans should have the utmost respect for them especially when they make a festival banger out of one of the most popular Rap/Trap songs in recent memory.


When I first heard that the duo of Dimitry Mak & Kapla, known as Modern Machines, had remixed “Higher” by Just Blaze & Baauer, I knew that the EDM world would be in for a treat. In the past couple of months these two artists have released a multitude of tracks that have been featured on Dancing Astronaut, Elektro, DJ Mag among a variety of other platforms which just demonstrates their reach and talent, but this remix magnifies their creativity abilities and diversity with music genres. With an excellent blend of the original vocals/verse with their own instrumental flare, the verses pack a brilliant punch that gets everyone moving, amped up and prepared for the drop. And might I say OOOO WHAT A MASSIVE DROP. The impactful drop really resonates down to your core and just makes you want to rage. This remix of “Higher” was done masterfully and we at OTB cannot wait to hear what other challenges this duo takes on and what other tracks they spit out.