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Dynohunter: The Best Band You've Never Heard

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

The electronic music world is heavy with amateur DJ's, every young high school kid hoping to find their own claim to fame. Dynohunter is exactly what the scene is lacking; true musicians with the kind of drive rivaled only by the truly successful. While there are several prominent producers who started their careers outside of EDM, Dynohunter has fused their love of live instrumentation with the kind of electronic variety that keeps every track fresh and energetic. Having shared an apartment floor with the trio, I can personally vouch for both their talent and their humble personalities. What sets Dynohunter apart from the crowd is their live setup of drums, electric bass, and saxophone. Clark Smith plays the sax and keys, and deals with the production end of the band. Drummer Justin Ehmer and bassist Fred Reisen round out the group. Hailing from Colorado, the guys have a signature funky, hip-hop vibe, synonymous with the likes of Griz and Big Gigantic. But they refuse to be labeled, constantly dabbling in different genres, and remixing artists from Azealia Banks to Jill Scott.

Jill Scott - "Hate On Me"(Dynohunter Remix)

For a band you may never have heard of, these guys are getting around. Dynohunter tours relentlessly, all in one van, give or take a trailer in tow. From Florida to Maryland to Texas, they're spreading their unique blend of livetronica all across the country. They have shared stages with acts such as Bonobo, The M Machine, and Zoogma, and graced the lineups of festivals as large as Wakarusa and Summer Camp. Whether you're into house, progressive house, bass, soul, hip-hop...whatever your preference, Dynohunter will quench your thirst.

 Dynohunter - "Shut It Down"

Dynohunter - "Collider"

With electronic music at its peak, and the industry choking on the hoards of hopefuls looking to make their mark, Dynohunter is your breath of fresh air, and a look towards the future of the scene.  It's not just for the computer savvy anymore, it's for composers and instrumentalists and those unwilling to give up their gift of musicianship for a CDJ. The trio will be ending their Winter Tour with a stop at the famed South By Southwest Music Festival, playing a showcase Friday called The Air Up There for Dallas-based promotional group Banjos to Beats at 219 West. In the meantime you can get your fill of Dynohunter via Facebook and Soundcloud with free downloads!