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Infinum - Overturn EP

Friday, March 14, 2014

This track isn't new but I had to get it out there. From the motherland of Russia comes Infinum with their absolutely banging "Overturn" EP. Just a little background first. Infinum artistssmaller Producers Dj L and Zekeboy have been working together for 9 years. Both having their own side projects, they finally decided to release music together. They told me their work can't be "characterized in one style or genre" and they are out to create "something new and original." Infinum's efforts got paid off in the summer of 2013 when the label DUBTRXX picked them up for their "Fireworks" EP (07/13) and a few months later came "Overturn" (11/13). Party Hard Now, if everyone's ready for some glitch hop here's "Evening Walk" Do you walk? This track walks. This track walks on your face and makes you kick. Funky fresh beats coupled with some awesome bass-work. A rhythmic journey that paints a picture, "Evening Walk" is a great way to stay in shape! Now let's speed things up with "Overturn" "Overturn" is electric and I'd expect nothing less from the title track. Layered kicks and super-fun hats open us up to the rager ahead. The temperature drops for a second in the break while we work up some speed. DROP! ~Overturn~ Nasty bass & jagged rhythms makes this track an absolute banger! I love the dramatic contrast between the drop and breakdown. If they keep up the hard work, Infinum will be on-par with Far Too Loud and the rest within a year or so. Support Infinum and other creative artists who raise the bar on songwriting! I've already bought this track here, and you should too!