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SirensCeol Plays "Russian Roulette"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sectionz-logo I know I just did a feature on SirensCeol's Movie Music Remix Pack but I'm excited to bring to your attention a single entitled "Russian Roulette" from his upcoming artist album "The Method To Madness" on SectionZ Recordings. With the likes of Savant, Tenkai, and VonB, Sectionz has a large chunk of the bass music industry under its thumb. This track is huge, with massive saw synths coupled with an almost Far Too Loud approach to electro-funk. Powerful punches of kick give the breakdown balls and then it drops. Distorted and driven, the crushed saw bass wails like a Siren with a sweet display of tasty bass sounds. IMO the half-time drop after the second breakdown was an absolute ham-fest! Bill From what I've heard of the album, The Method To Madness is definitely something go pick up! If you head over to the iTunes link, you can support SirensCeol for the hard work that he does! On SirensCeol's Soundcloud, he previews the album with "Adventure Time", "Russian Roulette" and also a 20 minute album teaser! Also, check out the SirensCeol interview we here at OTB did a while back. Props to the home team!