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Grab "Hashtag," a #FreeDownload From Cedric Gervais

Saturday, May 03, 2014
Travis Quick

While many people know Cedric Gervais from his his remix of "Summer Time Sadness" by Lana Del Rey, he has many other great tracks such as his remixes of "Young and Beautiful," "Adore You," and my personal favorite original track from Gervais, "Things Can Always Get Better." While his new track (and free download!) "Hashtag" doesn't fall out of the normal sound for Cedric Gervais, it definitely makes you wonder where his head is at. When the song first starts, it sounded very similar to Cedric Gervais' song "Molly," but as the song continued I soon realized it was completely different. I am not sure whether Cedric Garvais was trying to make fun of the latest fad of using hashtags, or if he was completely serious. Either way.... hashtag-dont-care However, there is one thing definitely going for this song, the drop. I was pleasantly surprised with how funky, groovy, and downright awesome this drop is. It makes you want to dance and just let go, and as a bonus, this track is a free download. For this I give the song a thumbs up. Now listen below and ready for your hips to SWING. Cedric Gervais - Hashtag

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