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SJ Mellia - Vaporized

Monday, June 16, 2014
Colin Rinehart

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Kraftwerk still made music? This may be as close as you get for a while. 'Vaporized,' is the fourth track off of SJ Mellia's "Equalizer EP," out now on Black Lantern Music. The "Equalizer EP," is SJ Mellia's fourth release on Black Lantern, and an incredibly well layered, melodic and complex collection of songs. It has an interesting influence of harsh 80's electronica sound combined with some unique drum patterns and builds. This EP isn't exactly for easy listening. These tracks are for the thinker, the doer, the individual with something on their mind. SJ Mellia started making music at 22 years of age. His first self-released EP came in 2000 under the moniker Neurotic Boy Outsider 75 (NBO75). His next release was "The Idiot Savants EP," was a limited vinyl release with local MCs Max Volume and Red Mercury. That EP was well received by the hip hop community. Soon after that, Mellia began using the name Zucotic for his collaborations, but kept NBO75 for his solo work. In 2012, he started going by SJ Mellia, and signed with Black Lantern, where he released the "Fluff Skull EP," the same year. In 2013, Mellia released the "Glitch Fit EP," on Black Lantern. "Glitch Fit" installed a taste of glitch hop with a leaning to future music and boom-bap drums, all meeting on a head on collision in your aural cavities. If you're curious as to what SJ Mellia was up to before he joined Black Lantern, then take a peek at this huge retrospective collection. It includes two volumes compiled for your listening pleasure, collaborative projects and lost gems featuring Hip Hop and Electronic cuts spanning 10 years. The download includes Vol 1 and Vol 2, as well as text from SJ Mellia running through the 20 tracks, giving us an insight into their history.

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