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Go "Boom!" With Far Too Loud!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Oliver Cash, aka Far Too Loud has been releasing red-hot electro, mid-tempo and drum & bass for over 8 years now and his latest banger "Boom!" will blow you away! FTL won the hearts of electro fans with the heavy hitting EP's  "Firestorm" (2012) and "Faster Than Light" (2013), but this brand new single will definitely bring Oli closer to mainstage exposure this festival season! [caption id="attachment_22664" align="aligncenter" width="600"]oliver-cash-djing Photo Credit: Geoff' HDT[/caption]   Taking inspiration from Jacob Plant's "Fire" and coupled with a sexy glide-bass, "Boom!" has been on repeat in my head for what seems like forever. The structure of this one should sound familiar, it's festival house! And why not? Festival bangers have it all figured out. You need to introduce the melody for the breakdown and build up the audience's energy before the drop. "Boom!" is no exception; its drop is fat and will make you go HAM! Expecting a boring chord progression in the breakdown? Too bad, because Cash brings out a major twist.  The key is a track that can be in the amazing in the right situation, but easy to overdo. Bold and powerful, the standard progression of bigger and bigger synths weave a tapestry of sound, a big windy build-up and lift-off. "When the bass drops, your hands go BOOM!" [caption id="attachment_22666" align="aligncenter" width="600"]knife-party-ultra Photo Credit:[/caption] After Knife Party's success with "LRAD" I'm glad to see more underground electro artists stepping up to the mainstage sound. They are the ones who will give quality to the somewhat stale sound of the electro charts and festival mainstage. I think that creating a "festival banger" (the song follows what's considered common "festival" structure (Intro - [Quiet] - Chords - Build Up - [Fill] - Drop - Repeat) is different from making a "cookie cutter single" (a festival banger made without any real creative value, frequently created using presets) which we have all heard littering the Beatport electro and progressive charts. Support Far Too LoudNo Tomorrow Recordings, and BOOM! We're going for #1! FTL smoky