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HELENA's "Levity" Reaches New Heights with Remix EP

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DJ and producer HELENA's huge Electro House hit ‘Levity’ has been passed on for remix duties, with an exciting package compiled for an EP on the way. These remixes are provided by Fareoh, Maarcos and Merk & Kremont, with a fourth being decided through a Talenthouse competition. It’s due for release on July 28th on Ultra and highlights each individual contributor's influences in an impressive way. Kicking things off with Fareoh’s interpretation, the tone is instantly set. It keeps Shawnee Taylor's glorious vocals in the introduction, with a blissful piano riff progression leading you into the uplifting synths and booming kicks. It’s a tune catered for the likes of Tomorrowland and sets the bar high. Maarcos then brings a deeper offering to the mix. It’s given more of a carnival feel and keeps the bass prominent. Favouring the chords to the riffing piano, the rolling snares build up huge amounts of anticipation before stripping everything back. Maarcos keeps the synths modest and instead makes the lower frequencies do all the work. The third remix by Merk & Kremont takes things down a completely different route. It’s all about building the tension from the offset and gets you jumping up to the drop. They take everything to the big room and provide further energy and a much weightier sound. This is a huge track that is sure to be a favourite. What a collection! Every remix is totally unique and sees the artist stamping down their trademark sounds. The prospect of a fourth remix is tantalising, although it’s going to be quite a job matching the quality and energy of these remixes. If you liked the original of Levity, then you’re going to love these. Pre order a copy here.