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James Egbert and ETC! ETC! Climb To New Heights With Their Collaboration

Friday, July 18, 2014
Matthew Jager

When I think of James Egbert, an electro house producer, and ETC! ETC!, a trap producer, I do not think of collaboration. How could artists with such different styles come together to create anything of half decent value? Well that question has been answered in full today with the release of their track The Climb. If you thought there was no originality left in bass music then thing again. The Climb really is something new and different. What starts off sounding much like an old fashioned electro house track quickly takes a turn for the new with an extremely unexpected and original drop. Dark, deep, eerie bass emerges to tantalize listeners as bits of the original electro sound periodically comes back in creating a wonderful progression and interest. The two bits combine to fully flush out the track. The Climb  is beautiful, original, and really pushes the boundaries of both styles. The beat down section really makes for a perfect ending to the track as then the full electro sound comes back and better than ever. tumblr_m2pjusuXd71r2rlebo1_500 Yet again, both artists show us why they are some of the premier artists in their respective genres. Hopefully these two will collaborate again in the future. The sound they have developed for The Climb is very original the refreshing to the sometimes similar sounding music the electronic music world. Check out more music from both artists on Soundcloud and let us know here at OTB know what you think of the track below.

ETC! ETC!'s Soundcloud

James Egbert's Soundcloud