Dada Life’s Latest Single “One Smile”

Everyone’s lovable banana duo, Dada Life, releases a new epic single, “One Smile.” What a catchy song and a great way to begin their summer adventures across the country! Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom are a one of a kind pair. Every show they play has similar elements, but each have completely different experiences. The energy they bring to their sets is unbelievable, so if you are going to one of their shows soon, make sure to have your energy levels at full capacity. Just have a look at their crowd at this year’s EDC.Dada-Life-EDC-Crowd Their use of bananas and champagne bottles have become interchangeable with the name Dada Life. “One Smile” takes it even further putting smiles on fans everywhere. They even throw out smile masks into the crowd! This electro-house song is sure to be played by many artists at all of the upcoming festivals this summer. It makes you want to dance, put a smile on, and forget about everything in the world.

 Dada Life – One Smile

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Travis Quick

Travis Quick

Travis Quick graduated from the University of Washington Foster Business School. While his top artists include Madeon, Hardwell and Adventure Club; his true passion is Trap! Travis loves to travel. While on the road, he makes sure to stop by local festivals and shows, however, his heart resides in the Pacific Northwest.
Travis Quick
- 6 days ago
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