Porter Robinson’s Album is a “Flicker” Away

Porter Flicker

With only two weeks left until the release of Porter Robinson’s newest album, “Worlds,” the excitement is continuing to grow. Having already released three tracks from it, today marks the fourth and final release of a single before the big album release on August 12th. That means that a third of the entire album is already released! This newest track is called “Flicker,” and much like the three previous singles, it is extraordinary.

Filled with so much emotion and passion, “Flicker” features not the voice of a human, but the voice of a computer simulated girl. It is quite funny how amazing this track really is, but yet Porter had this to say about it:

Flicker is the result of me throwing arbitrary phrases through Google translate. It started as a joke but then turned into something kinda beautiful.

It just goes to show that some of the simplest and comical ideas can turn into something incredible, and this track is a perfect example of that. Much like the rest of the album, or so Porter has said, this computer singing is scattered throughout which really brings a unique and memorable sound. Every time that I think that I have a new favorite song by Porter, a new song comes out and I am just blown away all over again.

Porter Blown Away

Honestly I cannot pick which song is my favorite of the four that have been released off of “Worlds,” but “Flicker” is definitely something amazing. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Porter Robinson’s album, “Worlds,” is here August 12th, and we cannot wait. It is going to be a game changer. And don’t forget to catch Porter on his “Worlds Tour” coming to a city near you starting in late August! Don’t have a ticket yet? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! You can enter to win a ticket to the big show in SeattleĀ here. It is truly going to be something else, so don’t miss out!

Porter Worlds Tour

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