1DAFUL Drop Electro Party Anthem “This Is Life”

Out now via VELCRO Records is the new single from MC and producer duo 1DAFUL. Having recently given away their remix of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone“, the pair pack their sounds with dynamic synth sequences and surging melodies.

“This Is Life” is an energetic summary of how dance music should be – fun, infectious and packed full of unique components. Starting things off with a pumping introduction to set the mood, the uplifting vocals from TB1 raise the energy levels even higher. Whilst the bass line continues to increase in power, coils of percussion kick in before the drop descends.

This is an all-out, hands in the air electro banger, and one that deserves some attention across dance floors this summer.

You can purchase a copy right here. 





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- 7 hours ago
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