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6 Reasons You Need To See K Theory Live

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 1. Unique Remixes

K Theory is the trio of Malcolm Anthony (vocals), Dylan Lewman (sampling, live conducting), and Dustin Musser (Keys, sampling). This San Francisco based group has made serious waves and played shows all over the continent. With orignial and massive remixes to a wide variety of songs, chances are they have re-booted a song by a favorite artist of yours, electronic or not. New verses and electronic beats to records really make them stand out from other EDM artists. Example above.

2. Incredible Live Shows

With an unbelievably unique live show, the act has sold an astounding number of tickets over their tenure and have played all over the globe. Combining the lyricism of Malcom and the production of Dylan and Dustin, it's obvious they feed off each other for the high energy that they bring to the stage at every venue they are performing at. With such love and respect for their fans, they give it their all every single show no matter what

3. Get Some Hip-Hop in Your Life

The electronic instrumentals that K Theory produce alone could push them to the forefront of EDM prominence, but the vocal factor that Malcom brings to some of the biggest tracks across the musical world really set them apart. His lyrics which combine elements of the original track but with his own twist and style really cement the face that these guys see the future of EDM and music in general. Why just make beats when you can impact with words?

4. Bay Area Musicians!

It's a well known fact that the Bay produces some of the freshest sounds out there. The hyphy enegry and party vibes really shine on original K Theory tracks. They just want to have a good time and do the things they like to do, and that just happens that it's rockin' crowds all around the world and bring the Bay to the masses.

5. Always on the Job

As the Devin the Dude says, "What a Job This Is." These guys never stop working. Just take a look at their Facebook page and see the number of tours and one stop shows they have going on. If that doesn't impress (you're a fool then, btw) then their Soundcloud will blow you away. It never stops scrolling. You can see remixes ranging from Miley Cyrus to The Bee Gee's. Lucky for you, you will likely be able to see them in a city near you very soon.

6. The Unexpected

Admittedly, this could be said about nearly any concert, but the FOMO will be forever real if you don't see K Theory. What unreleased material did you miss? What song did they improvise on to create a new track on the fly? Do you want to see them in a smaller intimate show and see this in the front row vs. stuck with 15,000 other people at a festival? I mean, more power to these guys since they can rock a crowd that massive, but how much better would it be if you knew you were up close and personal rappin' along in the mic?


SURPRISE! Number 7. If you are in Seattle or even remotely close, (I'm looking at you Vancouver and Portland!) you better be out there! With fee-free tickets (you might have to read that again), you can really rage the night away. Get your FEE-FREE tickets RIGHT HERE and come party! Shoutout to Bassdrop Music for getting this produced!