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#beLike 'Kanye' in the new Chainsmokers Video

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Erik Skoog

Back at the end of January, the New York based Chainsmokers (Drew Taggart and Alex Pall) exploded onto the scene with the polarizing “#selfie.” Some people said it was stupid and trashy, some people said it was just catchy and fun; some people thought it was just annoying, some people thought it was hilarious. And yes. It was all those things. “Kayne” preaches everything that “#selfie” doesn’t. Instead of the narcissistic, shallow, and materialistic girls obsessed with how many “likes” they’ve gotten in the last five minutes; we’re treated to a message promoting individuality, confidence, and a sincere celebration of being who you are and living life on your own terms. And who embodies this philosophy better than the man himself? Say what you will about his eccentrics, Kanye absolutely does what Kayne wants. And he’s clearly loving it too. Likewise, everyone in the “Kayne” music video looks like they’re having a much better night than anyone in “#selfie.” This is a message that Drew and Alex certainly take to heart. “We’ve entered a phase in our career where we’re about doing us and being ourselves,” Drew comments. “Let’s be ourselves and screw what everyone else thinks, and that’s what the message of ‘Kanye’ is.” [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="514"] But first...[/caption] “If you’re owning life, you’re owning life,” Alex adds. “We want to see photos, we want to see videos of people you think are killing it or think they’re killing it.” So send pictures, tweets, notes, (and of course, selfies) of everyone emulating Yeezy and owning life over to their twitter (@theChainsmokers) using their new hashtag #beLike. From the earnestness of “#selfie” to how they handled its fallout to how much fun they seem to be having to the way they interact with their fans, Drew and Alex just seem like genuinely cool guys. We’re all excited to see what comes next. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="494"] #beLike Alex & Drew[/caption] _______________________ Be sure to check out their SoundCloud for “Kayne,” indie-rock remixes, and the first episode their new podcast, appropriately named “Nice Hair.” In addition to a solid track selection, we’re treated to a refreshing radio format that includes chatter, storytelling, and listener call-ins.

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