James Egbert Takes A Darker Spin on “Flicker”

As the electronic music community has been raving (pun intended) about Porter Robinson‘s new album, Worlds, some of the most interesting pieces to come out of it have been the remixes.

Whether it’s RAC’s music box version of Sea of Voices, the enhanced Sad Machine from Anamanaguchi, or Arty’s rework of Lionhearted, the album is deservedly getting treatment from a lot of different artists.

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Denver based James Egbert‘s strips away the vocals on Flicker that didn’t really agree with everyone and turns up the tempo just enough to transform  the wistfully hopeful track into something slightly darker. You can download it for free (thank you!) from his SoundCloud.

I was fortunate enough to meet James Egbert at Paradiso 2013 when his system broke down mid set. Minutes later he was down on the grass chatting with people and taking pictures with anyone who approached him. Class act all the way.

James Egbert at Volume Nightclub in Seattle

James Egbert at Volume Nightclub in Seattle

James Egbert is performing tonight at the Avalon in Hollywood along with The Crystal Method and Jacob Plant. If you’re in the LA area, this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

Tonight at the Avalon!


ALSO: Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour is now in full swing! See all of you in Seattle tonight!

Porter’s long awaited tour.

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