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Kid Arkade To Release Punchy Debut Single On Ultra

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Released on September 5th via Ultra Music is the new debut single from Kid Arkade. Keeping their identities and backgrounds a secret at the moment, this electro collective are bursting on to the scene with a bang, and setting the bar high for future releases. ‘Atlas Run’ is a powerfully progressive single, with plenty going on throughout its ever-growing layers. A striking rhythmical sequence takes hold from the beginning before a stamping series of synth riffs drive the melody forward. Urgent and almost apocalyptic in its theme, this is a bold and punchy first offering from Kid Arkade. Designed to raise energy levels on the dance floor, ‘Atlas Run’ combines a feeling of outer worldliness as soon as that unmistakeable beat comes in – it’s hard to let this one pass. You can grab a copy on September 5th.