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Freddy Todd Drops His Newest Album, Golden Tremendous

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

It's no secret that I am enamored by all things associated with labels like Pretty Lights Music, Lowtemp, and Liberated. They all seem to ride the same wavelength, and are constantly evolving and finding new ways to keep their music relevant, played in big part by live instrumentation. But Freddy Todd's Golden Tremendous became so much more than I expected, and is more than just a funky glitch-hop album. Upon multiple listens you begin to realize how deep the emotions run, and how much truly went in to every track. The first track "Fastenator, Get Up" eases you in with some simple bass beats and a smooth melody. It quickly becomes a complex blend of space bass, deep drops, and a hint of the Eastern sound often heard from Beats Antique. This track definitely sets the pace for what you can expect from the rest of the album.

Freddy Todd - "Fastenator, Get Up"

One of the most standout tracks on the album for me is "TimeBeings" which features Russ Liquid, a well-known trumpeter who most recently toured with Gramatik on his spring tour. Any time an electronic beat can be paired with organic sound is a win for me, and the trumpet has such a broad range of feeling. The contrast in the heavy bass and the brightness of the horn is one of the highlights of the album, and a nod to what the Lowtemp label does so well.

Freddy Todd - "TimeBeings ft. Russ Liquid"

If there was ever a story told by music, this would definitely be one of them. "The Jestler" begins with a soft piano and emotive violins, letting your imagination begin a journey of epic proportions. It is full of dark beauty, being both loving and soft, but becoming complicated and brutal. Think of spacey glitch-hop, but add a symphony - it's as good as it sounds.

Freddy Todd - "The Jestler"

"Wave Therapy" is a deep, downtempo track reminiscent of UK's Burial, but with a funky disco edge. It's a great addition to a playlist for relaxation, or a Saturday afternoon chill session. Either way, this one will have you vibing.

Freddy Todd - "Wave Therapy"

The final track on Golden Tremendous takes you out the same way it came in, with an eclectic blend of Excision-like bass, synths, and instrumentation. "Glove Coast Cruise Control" features some of the best drops on the album, and amazing horn samples, exploiting yet again the love that Gramatik and his team have for the raw sound of a true musician.

Freddy Todd - "Glove Coast Cruise Control"

Freddy Todd is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. I may have been a casual listener in the past, but Golden Tremendous made me stand up and take notice of what he is truly capable of. Not only is his sound unique, but he has made it a point to not stay inside the box. Featuring musicians like Russ Liquid is only the beginning of what Freddy Todd will do, and I couldn't be more excited for his next electronic installment. As an added bonus, you can score the entire album for free!

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