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Electro Kids Axen & Invalyd Collaborate On Explosive New Single

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Out now on one of Sony Music Australia’s offshoot labels, Basik Rkrds, is the brand new single from Axen & Invalyd. Both artists are beginning to establish themselves as solo artists; Australian based Axen is beginning to make headway with a number of recent free downloads, and is moving forward with his DJ career, whilst San Francisco native Invalyd is just starting to carve out his own sound. A positively explosive electro house single, ‘Marauder’ ticks all the high-energy, fist pumping boxes, and has some seriously sophisticated tweaks of production on it. Keep an eye out for the rippling riffs of synths and shattering percussive smacks along the way.

If you’re feeling this one, you can pick up a copy here.