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Paris & Simo feat. Gabrielle Ross - Silent (Charity Strike Remix)

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Sam Storch

Every Monday morning I wake up excited, because I know a new week of new music is upon us. This is one of the most beautiful curses about electronic dance music. The fact that we receive new material every week affords us the pleasure of finding new music to like, while rarely getting sick of previous material. However, the reason I call this a “beautiful curse",  is because the constant stream of music released by major artists leaves very little room for us music listeners to get the chance to discover smaller or mid level artists. Therefore, one of the most important jobs of writers for electronic dance music blogs/sites is to shed some light on these smaller/mid-level artists.

Enter Charity Strike

1540501_514070248697921_9045799947101994856_o A duo by the name of Charity Strike has quickly been making waves within our music scene. With already several successful remixes under their belts, Charity Strike has shown that they have the potential to become something big in our scene. On Monday Sept 15th, Charity Strike released their remix of “Silent” by Paris & Simo feat. Gabrielle Ross. Off the bat, they suck you into the track with a beautiful verse that meshes unbelievably well with the original vocals of the track. Unlike many of the newer “overpowering” electro drops that we hear today consistently, Charity Strike was able to make a drop that was simplistic, clean, and a pleasure to listen to. A new trend has begun to emerge within the electro house genre; producers are now creating drops that have a heavy trap influence. This change in style really shows a producers creativity, and demonstrates how every genre has room to evolve. Charity Strike's 2nd drop in this remix is the perfect example of how to create this type of trap drop in an 128 BPM electro house track. Keep an eye out for these guys, because if this remix and their previous remixes have proven anything, it's that Charity Strike is capable of big things in this industry.  

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