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World's most Shazamed song gets an electrifying remix (Free Download)

Friday, October 03, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Reaching number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100, ‘Am I Wrong’ became the most shazamed song in the world. Nico & Vinz’s lyrics and contagious beats certainly grabbed the hearts of many people, including producers. Christian Q and Shokstix, like many others, decided to test their talents and turned it into an electrifying electro monster. From the get-go you are pounded on with the electro drums that control this song. Christian Q and Shokstix decided to flip the calmness the song originally had between the lyrics and posterizes the quintessential electro beat in the drop instead. The duo decided to highlight the vocals as the beat is lowered while they sing, smartly building the beat up during the lyrics. You are thrust straight back into the beat quickly though, so don’t waste your breath on singing before dancing i wrong edm remix free download

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As the beat quiets down around 2:15, hold your breath because the feelings coming ahead are a doozy. Placing soft angelic pianos underneath the full verse, all you can do is close your eyes and let the music take you away. After you sing the verse, you are brought back alive with heavenly progressive house chords building the song and your dance moves back into the rejuvenated electro beat. The original beat is highlighted by an upper level melody that producers will more than likely use to move onto a new song but is rather refreshing to focus on as you dance away to the electro kick. These two definitely showed skill in creating this song and probably delivered one of the best bridges that I have heard in a long time. Give this song a listen below, enjoy the free download and get ready to dance.

Nico & Vinz- Am I Wrong (Christian Q & Shokstix Remix)