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Steve Aoki X Fall Out Boy = A Track Worth Listening To

Thursday, October 09, 2014
Chris Bergin

As of late, Steve Aoki's been the subject of much criticism, mostly at the hands of Wunderground (the EDM equivalent to The Onion). The cake wielding, champagne spewing producer / "DJ" found his face on the underside of THIS rather unfortunate T-Shirt. In a somewhat questionable turn of events, Aoki & his team appear to be taking legal action, somewhat shrouding the release of his second studio album, Neon Future I. Despite its general lack of coverage in the blogosphere, Neon Future I is currently sitting at #1 on the iTunes dance charts, and it's easy to see why. Aoki gathered an all-star list of features including Waka Flocka Flame,, Flux Pavilion, and Fall Out Boy. Say all you want about his live shows, but this guy sure knows how to produce a solid album. Fall Out Boy and dance music were meant to be combined. We first saw it with Krewella's explosive take on "Alone Together", and now with Aoki's "Back To Earth." Honestly, Patrick Stump could sing over a bassline of dying cats and it would sound damn inspirational. Either way, we have Steve Aoki to thank for bringing some of our favorite punk acts to the dance world (Linkin Park & FOB). Ignite your inner 14 year old, and have a listen to the enticing collaboration below!

Steve Aoki - Back To Earth (feat. Fall Out Boy)

Also, if you're a fan of commercial EDM, have a listen to the rest of Neon Future I below.