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The "Party Don't Stop" With Whyel's New Single

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Keeping that party spirit alive and well is young producer Whyel, who just released “Party Don’t Stop” on Panda Funk. This is his second single to make an outing on the label; it’s a suitably pulse-raising cut of electro house, and throws in plenty of unique production elements into the mix. Whyel describes the track in this way – "I was really inspired by all the people that would party all night long until the club/event ended, and I wanted to make a song that would bring that same vibe & energy." That sentiment is unmistakably behind the raucous energy of this track, as it moves between electro house and subtle hints of moombahton. From the fist pumping rhythm, to the energized vocal snatches, "Party Don't Stop" rightfully pays homage to the club lifestyle that so many of us enjoy.

If you fancy kickstarting the weekend well in advance, you’d be a fool to not snatch this one up. Grab “Party Don’t Stop” here.