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Garmiani Returns To Dim Mak With Electrifying "Zaza"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dim Mak has just dropped a new release from Garmiani, it’s entitled "Zaza", and has already caused a major buzz around the dance scene. Dim Mak is a real force, and this release only continues to solidify their dominance. If you’re already a fan of Garmiani, you’re going to love this – the Swedish producer and DJ has brought some real fire. Whilst the introduction may lead you to believe you’re about to listen to a piece of  over-synthesised electro pop, the reality couldn’t be further from that. After the melodic, pulse raising, and dramatic build up to the drop, Garmiani then strips everything back for the beat itself – delivering a big room style beast, catered for the festivals and party islands. Some tracks instantly make an impression on you, and this is sure to be one of them. Garmiani doesn’t let you get too used to the beat though; he brings it to an abrupt halt, and goes back to the riffs that lead you into the first drop. The second half is just as powerful, and brings further elements to the mix to make a seriously dynamic beat. This is a release you’ll have on repeat for a few days, as Garmiani brings his trademark sounds mixed with the styles that have really taken a grip on the charts lately.  

We challenge you not to move to this one – you can grab "Zaza" here.