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Cory Enemy X Goshfather & Jinco Give Guetta Some Ironic Praise

Wednesday, November 05, 2014
Sage DeVault

Cory Enemy X Goshfather & Jinco - David Guetta

We all know the face: it’s been plastered into the memory of anyone who’s remotely interested in dance music. It’s the face of David Guetta’s bizarre, mindless Tomorrowland gaze. You know -- the one where he stares off into space for a good 45 seconds, releasing the occasional sigh, all the while lost in the madness going on around him. Now, Cory Enemy and Goshfather & Jinco have taken that historic moment in dance music to the next level with their new track, “David Guetta.” Packed with synths and bass, this track should not get unnoticed.