Cory Enemy X Goshfather & Jinco Give Guetta Some Ironic Praise

Cory Enemy X Goshfather & Jinco – David Guetta

We all know the face: it’s been plastered into the memory of anyone who’s remotely interested in dance music.

It’s the face of David Guetta’s bizarre, mindless Tomorrowland gaze. You know — the one where he stares off into space for a good 45 seconds, releasing the occasional sigh, all the while lost in the madness going on around him.

Now, Cory Enemy and Goshfather & Jinco have taken that historic moment in dance music to the next level with their new track, “David Guetta.” Packed with synths and bass, this track should not get unnoticed.

Sage DeVault

Sage DeVault

I'm an 18 year old freshman at ASU studying Broadcast/Journalism. Besides contributing for onlythebeat, I'm a DJ and sample-based producer and love attending concerts and events.
Sage DeVault

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