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Can Porter Robinson Be Replaced?

Monday, November 10, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

In August Porter Robinson shocked the world with his debut album Worlds. The harmonious beats expanded minds and brought electronic music to a whole new level. As everyone had Worlds on repeat for the past few months, we have seen a surge of new artists focusing on the same sound as Worlds. Kaizen and Yoe Mase might have just struck gold with their tune, “Impurity.”

Kaizen & Yoe Mase - Impurity

The beautiful quiet piano begins your journey as the drop sends chills down your spine. Emotions pour out of each beat as you are sent off to Dreamville. If you are a fan of Porter’s “Sad Machine” you will definitely enjoy the song as it has similar sounds and the drops mimic each other. As today’s music becomes history, I'm excited to see the expansion of this type of tune. Years from now people will look back and rave about Worlds as a game-changer. More and more artists are sure to expand on this genre while Kaizen and Yoe Mase are planting themselves as a front-runner of this expansion. So, Can Porter Robinson be replaced? Don't be silly. Porter will go down in history as one of the greats in our generation for what he did with Worlds. Check out each of their SoundCloud accounts for more of their music. Yoe Mase has a larger repertoire than Kaizen but with the success of this track, I see both of them getting more attention. Tomorrow is a mystery as we await new tunes from these two. Enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD also.