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Turbo Penguin Smashes Your Ears with 8-bit Noises

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Just let this album cover sink in…turbo penguin album cover sound remedy

Now click play… don’t you feel like that penguin?..

Sound Remedy & Nitro Fun - Turbo Penguin

Nitro Fun and Sound Remedy joined together to create “Turbo Penguin,” an 8-bit electro-house tune that yells “Play Me At Festivals!” from the beginning second. Using Nitro Fun’s electro style, Sound Remedy adds in a bouncy melody that sounds like he created it playing the Ocarina of Time in a field with everyone’s favorite Hyrulean, Link. link ocarina of time gif turbo penguin While the song fits in well with Nitro Fun’s growing electro-house discography, it seems a little out of place in Sound Remedy’s genre defying tunes. While long time listeners are used to his emotional melodic dance music such as his remixes of Noosa’s Clocktower or Jaymes Young’s Moondust, this resembles his newer side of producing like We Are the Dream and Victory. While his music may be changing, he has also been showing off his utter disbelief for the music industry these days and has been vocal about it over Twitter over the past week. I’m going to let the tweets do the talking.       He has also been very vocal about his thought on the music industry.   Sound Remedy sounds like the new age Bassnectar to me. He is an independent artist and has been steadily growing popularity with his genre-less music and taking social media by storm with his thoughts.   Keep both Nitro Fun and Sound Remedy on your artists to watch list and check them out on each of their Twitters and check out their tune which is available from the iTunes Store.