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ZooFunktion Brings Fire To Panda Funk

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Deorro’s label, Panda Funk, shows that they are a platform to keep an eye on, with their latest release from ZooFunktion. For those who may recognize the name, but aren’t sure how, Deorro and ZooFunktion collaborated a while back on the massive track “Hype”. It’s clear to see that the LA-based producer made a good impression. There is some serious power behind the new single, titled “Don’t Let Me In”. With a myriad of styles and textures, there isn’t a dull moment throughout this cut of progressive house. Whether you’re bouncing off the walls from the lively synth riffs, or fist pumping all the way to the electro-fueled breakdown, there is something to keep any dance floor moving with this single. Watch out for a dynamic switch up in pace towards the end as well, just in case you thought ZooFunktion had finished with your senses.

ZooFunktion - Don't Let Me In 


It’s big, it’s powerful and it’s got plenty of originality – you can pick up “Don’t Let Me In” here.