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Go Back To The Future With Icarus Fly's New EP

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Nolan Oribello

Progressive In Retrograde

Collaborators Frederik Mooij and Daniel Cantisani's unique brand of Progressive/Electro House can best be described as Retro-Futuristic. Their side-project, Icarus Fly, is a blend of different styles, crossing genres in the same way it navigates through different musical eras. blackhole720x405

Vintage Is The New "New"

On the aptly titled 1981 EP, the duo captures an electronic spirit pre-EDM reborn, like rummaging through the memories of a time capsule found in a spaceship. The title track is groovy future house with a vintage twist, while "Voyager7 " is a bass-heavy sonic sci-fi trip. Both tracks incorporate melodic synths and piano work with thumping bass lines that transport you to a different time and place. Far from the mainstream world of today, these guys will have you burning up the dance floor. Prepare for teleportation! Icarus Fly's 1981 EP is available on SectionZ records.