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Max Sasse Brings The Bounce With New Single

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Take That Bounce" is the huge new single from Aussie producer Max Sasse out now on Sony Australia’s Basik Records. Kicking off with a solid bass line, the track progresses upwards gaining momentum, before flowing into heavily pulsating anthemic chords. Cymbals pick up the rhythm once again, whilst flurries of snares attack, increasing anticipation before the drop. As energy levels reach a peak, the track becomes slightly muted for a moment only to have a catchy vocal hook trigger the arrival of a bumping bounce drop. The bass line returns harder than ever, partnered with a ridiculously catchy lead line set to send the crowds crazy. Slight variations of the melody keep the listener hooked throughout the duration of this exhilarating production. This tune is destined to do some serious damage in clubs around the world. We look forward to future sounds of this young producer - for now you can pick up the single beatport and stay current with this up and comer here.